1. The sexiest game show you’ll ever see is back, asking the tough questions: Does yoghurt give you larger testicles? How much do sex toys for dogs cost? Where have more people had sex, in a dentist’s chair or an Apple store?

    Our hilarious panel answer all of these questions (and more!) on That Sexy Show, the funniest R18+ show in Melbourne.

    Hosted by sexy geek Sarah Jane, team captains Geraldine Hickey and Adam Knox, and a stream of sexperts and comedians as guests, this quiz show bares all.

    Check the Facebook event for the comedian line-up, and be warned: We go there. To completion.

    Kinky, queer, poly, straight, curious (bi or otherwise) - all are welcome to the sexiest show you’ll see outside of late-night SBS. 

    'Expect dirty, pre-empt kinky, and top it off with a huge gooey dollop of brutal truth' - YAWP Magazine